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    U.S. Department of Defense Forms $28M Partnership with Magrathea for Primary Magnesium Production

    On February 1, 2024, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) announced seven awards (totaling $192.5 million) through the Defense Production Act Investments (DPAI) Program to establish domestic manufacturing capabilities for critical chemicals.  As part of these investments, the DOD formed a $28 million public-private partnership with Magrathea, a company developing innovative technology for the production […]

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    How Thixomolding is Redefining Electric Vehicle Production

    By Melissa Zirps, Magrathea. Elon Musk was sitting in his office, eyeing a Hot Wheels toy car on his desk, when he asked, “Why can’t we make real cars the same way we make toy cars?” This question reflects the attempt by car manufacturers to test the limits of consolidation and lightweight construction in the […]

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    Top Ten Light Metal News Stories of 2023

    Each year, Light Metal Age (LMA) enjoys looking back at the top ten most viewed news stories that we published on our website, highlighting the trends that have affected the aluminum sector over the previous year. In 2023, these top articles and news stories reveal recent trends and developments, including an interest in advanced technologies for […]

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    Magnesium as the Metal of Dematerialization

    By Alex Grant, Magrathea. In 1944, Willard Dow told the U.S. Senate, “There is an epic quality involved in [taking] a ladle of gleaming metal out of a curling, white-capped ocean wave. Not even the old alchemists, in their wildest fancies, ever got that far.”1 Dow Magnesium was once the largest magnesium metal producer of […]