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  • Figure 2. Demolition and removal of SPL from an aluminum cell cathode.

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    The SPL Waste Management Challenge in Primary Aluminum

    By Alton Tabereaux, Contributing Editor. Spent potlining (SPL) disposal is one of the largest environmental waste management challenges confronting worldwide primary aluminum smelters due to its toxicity. The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) asserts that 1.6 million tons of SPL were generated from primary aluminum production in 2019,1 making it the second largest waste volume produced […]

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    Magnitude 7 Metals Plans to Reopen Aluminum Smelter in Missouri

    Magnitude 7 Metals (M7M) announced plans to to reopen two of the three potlines at the the former Noranda aluminum smelter in Marston, Missouri, phasing in operations over the course of two years beginning in 2018. “We’re excited about the potential that the Marston facility holds, and we look forward to becoming a valuable member of […]

  • Alcoa Warrick aluminum smelter

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    World Primary Aluminum Production in 2017: The Beginning of U.S. Tariffs on Imported Aluminum

    By Alton Tabereaux, Contributing Editor. Production by Country As prices generally increased throughout 2017, world primary aluminum production increased 3.4% compared with the previous year (Table I). China is the world’s largest producer of electrolytic aluminum, making up over half of the global output. The terminal consumption of electrolytic aluminum in China is mainly concentrated in […]