Lotus Evora

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  • Lotus extruded and bonded aluminum chassis

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    Lotus Marks a New Era with an Extruded and Bonded Aluminum Chassis

    Lotus Group marked the beginning of a new manufacturing era with the first extruded and bonded aluminum chassis being built at its new facility in Hurricane Way, Norwich. The unit, a chassis for the legendary Lotus Elise, was built for the validation and quality checking of the company’s new manufacturing process. This aluminum chassis is not […]

  • Lotus Evora Sport 410

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    Lotus Drives Lightweight Engineering

    Every Lotus model benefits from the company’s approach to engineering in lightness at every stage of design and construction. Leading the field in advanced construction techniques and technology, Lotus has continuously strived to push boundaries. The company has contributed to the evolution of automotive design with many innovations, including the GRP monocoque in the Lotus Elite […]

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    Aluminum in a Mixed-Material Automotive World – LMA October Issue Now Available!

      The October 2014 issue of Light Metal Age is now available. The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week. The cover features the Lotus Evora sports car, which has a multi-material structure utilizing aluminum, steel, and composite materials. The Evora chassis is primarily constructed of […]