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    Ellwood Orders New Homogenizing Furnace for Its Phase Two Expansion

    Ellwood Aluminum ordered a new 200,000 lb batch homogenizing furnace for Phase 2 of their aluminum casthouse expansion in Hubbard, OH. When it started operation in early 2020, the new casthouse represented the company’s first entry into the aluminum melting and casting market. The facility is able to produce billet and slab, enabling the company […]

  • Figure 1. The Ellwood Aluminum team standing in the company’s new aluminum casthouse.

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    ARTICLE: Ellwood Embarks on a Journey to the Lighter Side with New Aluminum Casting Complex

    By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor. Ellwood Aluminum, a division of the 110 year old family-owned steel manufacturer Ellwood Group, has constructed and started up operation of its new secondary aluminum casthouse in Hubbard, Ohio (Figure 1). The new facility, which represents the company’s first entry into aluminum melting and casting, enables them to diversify their […]

  • Ellwood Engineered Castings

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    Ellwood Group Expanding into Aluminum Casting

    Ellwood Group Inc., is constructing a new aluminum casting facility at its Ellwood Engineered Castings site in Hubbard, Ohio. The $60 million project will include the construction of a new 70,000 sq ft facility with advanced aluminum melting and casting capabilities. The plant will produce an estimated 150 million lbs of large extrusion billet and slab and […]