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    Special Applications of Aluminum Anodized Surfaces

    Complimenting our September 2019 International Patent Calendar (which focused mostly on methods of anodizing aluminum), this month’s collection of patents focuses on special applications of anodized aluminum surfaces. The uniqueness of anodized aluminum oxide coatings in terms of their chemical, physical, and mechanical properties has resulted in many innovations in various industrial and scientific fields, […]

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    Aluminum in Building and Construction Applications

    US10280679 — SYSTEM FOR RETROFITTING GLAZING SYSTEMS OF BUILDINGS — Inovues, Inc. (USA) — A glazing shield system for retrofitting glazing systems of buildings is disclosed. The glazing shield system includes a support frame and a unitized panel. In certain embodiments, the glazing shield system may be mounted on an existing glazing system in a […]

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    Three Buildings Showcase the Beauty of Aluminum Design

    The Blue Planet National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet (the Blue Planet), is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium with more than 20,000 animals and seven million litres of water. Inspired by the circulating currents of a whirlpool, the10,000-square meter building’s architecture is clad with Novelis aluminum. More than 27,000 square meters of coated aluminum were processed into […]