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    Rio Tinto and Ford Sign MOU for a Net Zero Future

    Rio Tinto and Ford Motor Company signed a non-binding global memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly develop more sustainable and secure supply chains for battery and low-carbon materials to be used in Ford vehicles. The multi-materials partnership will support the transition toward a net-zero future by supplying Ford, one of the world’s largest automakers, with […]

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    Graphene Aluminum-Ion Battery Pilot Plant Commences Operations

    Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (GMG), located in Queensland, Australia, has commenced operations at its pilot production and testing plant for its graphene aluminum-ion (G+Al) batteries. Earlier this year, the company developed its G+Al battery cells that are purported to charge 60 times faster than the best lithium-ion cells and hold three times the energy of […]

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    Automobile Associations Join to Create the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

    The Association of Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers — the two largest automotive trade associations — are merging to form a new association that will leverage the expansive history of both organizations while creating a single, unified industry voice, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. The new association will represent automotive and parts manufacturers […]

  • Tesla Model Y

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    Tesla Introduces Model Y with Hybrid Aluminum and Steel Body

    Tesla is developing its latest electric vehicle, the Model Y, a fully electric compact utility vehicle (CUV) that will have the longest range of any electric CUV or sports utility vehicle (SUV), lasting for 300 miles before needing to be recharged. Of this, 168 miles worth can be charged in 15 minutes at ‘supercharger’ locations around […]

  • Ford Expedition

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    Ford Launches New Aluminum-Bodied Expedition

    Ford Motor Company just unveiled its new 2018 Expedition, a full-size family SUV that saw a 44% rise in U.S. sales in 2016. This is the first update and retooling of the Expedition since it was introduced 20 years ago and, for its revamp, the model follows the lightweighting lead of the F-150 with the […]

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    Auto Conference to Unveil the Road Ahead for Aluminum

    Leading figures from the British automotive industry will discuss the growing demand for aluminum at the Aluminium in Road Transport Conference to be held November 11-12 at the Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham, U.K. Organized by ALFED (the Aluminium Federation), the event will feature an evening banquet and a tour of the Jaguar Land Rover […]

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    Auto News: Living in a Mixed-Material World

    “Steel Industry Feeling Stress as Automakers Turn to Aluminum” A recent New York Times article, “Steel Industry Feeling Stress as Automakers Turn to Aluminum,” looks at the impact of aluminum’s growth in the automotive on the steel industry. Carmakers’ shift to aluminum has raised apprehension among steel makers, which have been fighting an increasingly uphill battle […]