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  • The aluminum version of the GV70 electric vehicle contains 67 fewer parts than the steel version.

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    Alumobility and Hyundai Conduct Aluminum Conversion Study

    Alumobility partnered with the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre to conduct a theoretical conversion of the Genesis GV70 electric SUV steel-intensive body to a full-aluminum body. The results of the project were published in a new study, titled “Technical Case Study: A Vehicle Conversion of the Genesis GV70EV from a Steel intensive Body to an […]

  • a car driving into the light

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    Treading Lightly with Secondary Aluminum

    By Geoff Scamans, BCAST at Brunel University London and Innoval Technology. Vehicles must become inherently more efficient and lightweight if automotive OEMs are to meet global emissions targets. The implementation of aluminum has helped move OEMs toward this goal, and as a result, there has been significant growth in aluminum intensive vehicles (AIVs) over the […]

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    Closed Loop Aluminum Recycling is a Key Driver in the Sustainable Cars of the Future

    By Alison Conroy and Thomas Rudlaff, Alumobility. A revolution in automotive sustainability is underway in the industry. The World Economic Forum and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have jointly formed the Circular Cars Initiative, which is charting the course towards a zero-emission future through new technology, materials innovation, efficient vehicle usage, and full life-cycle […]

  • Figure 1. Nissan Rogue.

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    Reducing the Cost of Aluminum Car Doors with Tailor-Welded Blanks

    By Andrew Halonen, Mayflower Consulting LLC. In automotive engineering, material selection is not a static activity. A decision made on today’s model could be reversed on the next one. This can be good or bad depending on one’s perspective. Materials manufacturers are continually innovating and bringing robust solutions to the market, providing vehicle OEMs with […]

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    Alumobility Demonstrates the Value of Aluminum in Commercial Vehicles

    Alumobility is a global organization that fosters collaboration between leading aluminum companies and downstream enabling-technology partners that are committed to driving value for automakers and consumers. The organization works to support the implementation of aluminum in vehicles through technical studies and thought leadership. Recently, the organization presented a Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle (LMDV) concept during EuroCarBody’s […]

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    Alumobility to Present Aluminum Vehicle Body at EuroCarBody

    Alumobility will present the results of its recent technical case study, Superior Economic and Sustainability Performance of an Aluminum Vehicle Body, EuroCarBody’s 24th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference, which will be held October 18-20 in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Organized by the Automotive Circle, the Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference will bring together car body engineers […]

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    Aluminum Top Hat Provides Automakers a Lighter, Sustainable Alternative

    Alumobility released the results of its newest study, which demonstrates that an aluminum automotive top hat can offer significant weight savings compared to steel, while meeting or exceeding automakers’ performance criteria. Furthermore, automakers can utilize a range of aluminum alloys for the top hat (the upper structure of a vehicle’s body-in-white).  Introduced at Automotive Circle’s […]

  • Automotive Innovation - The Jaguar I-Pace is a fully electric model, which utilizes aluminum sheet from Novelis in its body and battery structures.

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    Alumobility Drives Automotive Innovation

    By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor. Alumobility is a new non-profit organization recently launched by Novelis and Constellium in January 2021. Acting as a global ecosystem, the organization fosters collaboration between leading aluminum manufacturers and downstream technology partners, with input from vehicle OEMs, in order to advance the adoption of aluminum body sheet in the automotive […]