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    Beyond Beer: Cocktails and Wine Find a New Home in Aluminum Cans

    For decades beer drinkers have enjoyed cold brews out of aluminum cans. Cans are inexpensive, lightweight, recyclable, and easy to fit in a cooler and bring to an outdoor event.  Today, beer consumption has declined among millennials, but the generation is drinking more wine and cocktails and they are more passionate about sustainability.  Premixed cocktails […]

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    Aquaman Dives into Sustainability with Water in Aluminum Cans

    Jason Momoa, an actor known widely for his roles as Aquaman and Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, released a YouTube video in which he shaved his famous beard to promote the use of aluminum versus plastic while introducing his new line of water in aluminum cans. In the trending video, Momoa says, “I just […]

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    Fresher Coffee in Aluminum Cans

    With the influx of boutique and craft coffee available on every corner, customer tastes have been expanding into a slew of ever more adventurous options for their daily caffeine fix. Coffee drinkers have been seeking cold espresso drinks and brews. Whether for convenience or for the super power energy charge, the cold brew satisfies those […]

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    SNSTech Launches Re-Closable Aluminum Can

    SNSTech, LLC, a Texas based startup, has developed a re-closable beverage can that’s made of 100% aluminum. The patented SipNShut can is composed of industry standard 5182 aluminum alloy and is fully recyclable. The state-of-the-art design allows beverage consumers to take a previously opened aluminum can with them on the go like they would a […]

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    60 Years of the Aluminum Can

    The iconic and popular aluminum beverage can is 60 years old this year. Beverage cans were originally heavy objects made of tin or steel. The first all-aluminum beverage can was introduced in 1958 by the Hawaii Brewing Company, based in Honolulu, for their “Primo Beer.” The lightweight aluminum was an ideal choice for the company, […]

  • Aluminum Association

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    Aluminum Cans Carry Lower Carbon Footprint than Glass or Plastic

    According to a new study, “Analysis of the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Implications of Distributing and Refrigerating Beverages,” conducted for the Aluminum Association by ICF International, the combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the transportation and refrigeration of beverages in aluminum cans are lower than those associated with that of beverages in glass or […]

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    Ball Completes Acquisition of Rexam

    Ball Corporation completed its acquisition of Rexam PLC for approximately $6.1 billion of cash and equity, plus the assumption of approximately $2.4 billion of net debt — making Ball the largest manufacturer of beverage cans in the world. The company also completed the required sale of the divestment business to Ardagh Group, receiving cash proceeds of approximately […]

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    Spanish Microbrewer Embraces Global Trend of Switching to Aluminum Cans

    Rexam has partnered with Arriaca, an internationally renowned Spanish microbrewer, to launch Spain’s first ever canned craft beer. The craft brewer will package its Rubia, IPA, and Vikingathor beers in 330 ml aluminum cans.  The cans will be manufactured out of Rexam’s La Selva, Spain, plant and will be available in the Spanish domestic market through various […]

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    Global Food and Beverage Packaging Market Growing

    The global food and beverage packaging market is expected to reach close to US$36 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of more than 3%, according to the latest market study released by Technavio titled, “‘Global Food and Beverage Metal Can Market 2016-2020.” The packaged food market is expected to generate a market value of around US$3 trillion […]