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TotalEnergies Marketing USA


TotalEnergies Marketing USA is the US affiliate of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, which is part of TotalEnergies, the world’s fifth largest oil and gas company.

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants offers a complete range of lubricants for the Aluminum rolling industry, including:

  • Tailor-made Hot Rolling oils (NOA and TANDEMOL Series) and compatible hydraulic fluids (VITAL FLUID Series and NOALUBRIC Series)
  • Cold Rolling oils and additives (LUBRILAM Series)
  • Low-stain oils and air wash scrubber oils
  • General maintenance lubricants & greases

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In addition, Total Lubrifiants’ Rolling Competence Center – an international team of metal rolling experts – work together with Aluminum customers in order to:

  • Deliver high level on-site technical support and problem solving
  • Create value through integration of best product with best practice for each process.

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