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Castool Tooling Systems


2 Parratt Road
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R1
Contact Name: Dan Dunn
Phone: (905) 852-0121
Fax: (905) 852-2300
Castool Tooling Systems

Castool is a knowledge based company that designs and manufactures production tooling systems for extruding and die casting light metals. For many years Castool has been an influence in the evolution of both processes. Paul Robbins GM is well known for his focus on temperature and the systems approach.

Castool pioneered the fixed dummy block, thermally stable container, single cell die heater, Visual Optimizing System, Remote Die Expediter and Storage as well as many other products and processes aimed at making extrusion and die casting better!

Castool manufactures in Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Morocco. The maximum machining and lifting capability is 40 Tons.  

Castool has just completed an Ipsen vacuum heat treat and Nitrex nitride facility which is capable of vertically heat treating 20,000 lbs or 90” tall and nitriding 14,000 lbs or 96” tall to automotive standards.

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