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AEC Releases 2020 Extrusion Buyer’s Guide

AEC Releases 2020 Extrusion Buyer's GuideOften, the aluminum extrusion process is the quickest and most cost-effective path from design through to the final product. Several factors influence the actual cost and lead-time of a specific die. The best combination of product performance, quality, and cost is achieved when the product designer, the die maker, the extruder, and the purchaser recognize each other’s requirements and work together.

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has released the 2020 digital edition of its Buyers’ Guide — a valuable tool for connecting designers, architects, and engineers with AEC extruder members.

Like the printed version, the e-book version of the Buyers’ Guide contains complete contact information for AEC extruder members, as well as a comprehensive capabilities chart that presents each members’ extrusion plant locations and manufacturing data — such as press size, maximum circle size for soft and hard aluminum alloys, shapes produced, finishing, fabrication, and certifications. There is also a geographic listing of extruder members.

The Guide also includes contact information for AEC Supplier and Producer Members.

In addition to information on extruders, the Guide provides editorial features covering sustainable, innovative uses for extruded aluminum, attractive photos, and interesting facts about aluminum’s advantages.

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