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Mecfor and Advanced Dynamics Merge Heavy Machinery Businesses to Form New Company

Mecfor, based in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, and Advanced Dynamics, based in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada, are merging their operations. The newly formed company will be known as EPIQ Machinery.

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of several years of fruitful collaboration between our two companies,” said Éloïse Harvey, CEO of EPIQ Machinery (and former president of Mecfor). “We’re pleased to be able to create a world-class equipment manufacturer based on shared values. Together, we’ll be able to invest in our growth, our projects, and, above all, our brilliant team to make Quebec’s industrial equipment expertise shine in the world’s biggest markets.”

Founded in 1997, Mecfor designs and manufactures specialized mobile equipment for the primary aluminum industry. The equipment includes various types of specialized vehicles, including haulers, multifunctional vehicles for foundries, and autonomous vehicles that make primary aluminum producers more productive and profitable. The company has diversified by offering track maintenance equipment for the railway industry.

Founded in 1965, Advanced Dynamics specializes in engineering, designing, and manufacturing heavy-duty material handling systems for the global primary and secondary aluminum industries, as well as the pulp and paper industry. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture systems that effectively fulfill the specific production requirements of its clients.

Mecfor and Advanced Dynamics have shared values and complimentary expertise. Merged under the joint company, EPIQ Machinery, they aim to become a North American leader in mobile and heavy equipment for the aluminum other industries.

All current Mecfor and Advanced Dynamics employees will join the new company. No jobs will be lost at either site. Between the two offices and production facilities in Saguenay and Saint-Bruno (the future location of EPIQ Machinery’s head office), will have a staff of more than 200 in Quebec. The company will also leverage its Advanced Dynamics-owned production facilities in India.

The two organizations will continue to show strong leadership in the development of their own technologies and markets. The Saguenay facilities will be home to the Mobile Equipment and Autonomous Vehicle Center of Excellency as well as the Local Manufacturing Center of Excellency. The Fixed Equipment and Process Systems Centre of Excellency and the 4.0, Robotics and Automation Center of Excellency will be established in Saint-Bruno.

According to the companies, EPIQ Machinery now has the critical mass needed to accelerate its international growth by focusing on innovation in addition to making investments and acquisitions. Diversification through its three lines of business will enable EPIQ Machinery to mitigate risks and ensure medium- and long-term business continuity. Combined revenues for the two companies will exceed CA$55 million, 75% of which will come from sales outside Canada.

Once the merger is finalized, SeaFort Capital, Mecfor’s majority shareholder for the past three years, will become the majority shareholder of EPIQ Machinery. The balance of shares is held by employees.

“Today is the beginning of a new chapter for our two companies,” said Peter Hanna, general sales manager – Pulp and Paper, EPIQ Machinery (former president and head of the pulp and paper division at Advanced Dynamics. “Over the past few years, Advanced Dynamics and Mecfor have worked together on many projects and gotten to know one another. A natural bond quickly formed and it inspired us to start talking seriously about a merger. This merger positions us to achieve our ambitions by helping us attract and retain a qualified workforce that relishes challenges and innovation, as well as ensuring business continuity through sustained growth. I am delighted with this extremely promising alliance.”

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