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“We sell technology” – Interview with Andrew Beevis, Hertwich Engineering

While at the the ALUMINUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan in November 2015, Light Metal Age had the opportunity to interview a number of notable members of the aluminum industry.

This interview conducted by Ann Marie Fellom, publisher, presents Andrew Beevis North America product manager for Hertwich Engineering. Beevis has worked for 30 years in the aluminum industry, the majority of which (21 years) has been for Hertwich. The company is known for selling heat-treating and metal processing equipment for the aluminum industry, particularly continuous homogenizers.

Most recently Hertwich has been offering compact remelt facilities. In 2013, Service Center Metals (SCM) in Prince George, VA, started building a compact remelt plant supplied by Hertwich adjacent to their extrusion facility, with a capacity of 50 million lbs per year. Phase I of the project, for the first time ever, enabled a plant to horizontally cast 14 inch extrusion billet. The facility can produce 9 and 14 inch billet simultaneously.

Beevis described the project at SCM and mentioned that there has been a new order there for Phase II. The new phase will double capacity to over 100 million lbs annually and will feature a new furnace to melt low grade scrap, both in-plant runaround scrap and purchased scrap. The project will be completed in late 2016.

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