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Grand Opening of Light Metal Age Article Store!

Light Metal Age has officially opened its online article store. Currently articles spanning from 2005 to present are available to purchase in downloadable pdf formats. 

More articles will become available overtime and eventually the Light Metal Age Article Store will grow to include the entire database of 68 years of publication.

Articles cost just $5 a page with a $25 maximum charge.  Free articles are also accessible. Examples of articles ready to purchase are:

  • Sapa Applies Global Resources and Extrusion Expertise in North America: New Spirit at Cressona,” published in June 2008, presents the decentralized business model concepts of Sapa North American Extrusions. Genesis is a lean production system that Sapa has combined with Customer Value Management to improve organizational work efficiency. Sapa’s Cressona plant is also featured in this article with pictures and descriptions of the facility’s recent upgrades.
  • Unusual Year for World Magnesium in 2007: Record Production – Prices Skyrocketing,” published April 2008, describes the dramatic increase of magnesium production in 2007 estimated to be 757,000 mt, an increase of approximately 15 % from 2006. This article presents information concerning statistics about magnesium production and prices for 2007 and predicts what the future may hold for the magnesium industry.
  • Recycling Aluminum: Especially Processing Extrusion Scrap,” published August 2005, uses the 2002 Aluminum Industry Vision Statement and the 2003 Aluminum Association (AA) Roadmap for Aluminum Industry Technology to evaluate the modern operation of aluminum scrap remelt and casting systems.
  • Top 10 Worst Extrusion Practices (And How They Can be Avoided),” published August 2005, includes descriptions of common but avoidable problems in the production system between the billet and die. This article offers solutions to these avoidable problems and includes a guide of key temperatures.“Hard Anodizing of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys,” published June 2009, explains the demands on materials used by the aerospace industry, alloys used in aerospace, and the hard anodizing process for these alloys.

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