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Cortizo Adds New Vertical Powder Coating Line

SAT_and_Cortizo_staff© by SAT

Cortizo group, headquartered in Padrón, Galicia, Poland, installed a new vertical powder coating line at their manufacturing facility in Radomsko, Poland. The 32,000 m² facility has two extrusion presses with a production of around 14,500 tonnes per year, along with powder coating, anodizing, and machining capabilities.

The new vertical powder coating line was supplied from SAT Surface Aluminium Technologies in Verona, Italy. It is equipped with two CUBE powder coating booths, a extendible conveyor system, and a vertical brushing machine. The “V” shaped fast cleaning powder coating booths optimize the distribution of powder on all the sides of the profiles and to dramatically reduce the consumption of powder. The booths allow for improved powder penetration and coating thickness uniformity.

The line also features a curing oven with a revolving door system. This is a new development that allows profiles to enter and exit the oven while keeping the oven constantly closed. In this way, the energy consumption of the entire system is reduced and the quality of the final product is improved.

A vertical brushing machine is placed in line prior to the entrance to the chemical pre-treatment tunnel. The brushing machine removes a small layer of aluminum particles from the profile surface in order to drastically reduce the incidence of surface defects. It also prepares the profile to improve chemical etching of the surface. During the brushing process, the profiles are held still, due to the extendible conveyor system which is able to halt their movement at this stage.

The pre-treatment tunnel is comprised of polypropylene tanks and PVC walls to ensure the best conditions when working with chemical products and to achieve durability, corrosion resistance, and thermal insulation.

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