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A3 Surfaces Receives Financing to Commercialize Its Antimicrobial Anodizing Technology

Figure 4. The technology is being tested within a hospital setting to prove its anti-microbial capabilities.© by A3 Surfaces

A3 Surfaces, located in Saguenay, Québec, Canada, will receive $4 million in financing from the Québec government and Desjardin Capital to support support the commercialization of antimicrobial anodized aluminum. This proprietary anodizing technology that aims to become a key factor in the fight against viral or bacterial disease transmission through a self-disinfecting biocidal surface treatment.

“An innovative company like A3 Surfaces needs support and time to achieve its goals,” said Dr. Guy Leblanc, vice-president of Health, A3 Surfaces. “The journey since the beginning of the company is considerable and A3 Surfaces could not have achieved its aspirations without the support of our partners. A3 Surfaces would like to thank the Québec Government and Desjardins Capital for their unwavering support. With this new round of financing, A3 Surfaces is well positioned to achieve its objective of becoming the world leader in antimicrobial surfaces.”

Technology Development

Antimicrobial anodized aluminum was developed by A3 Surfaces’ multidisciplinary team composed of several highly specialized professionals in applied technologies. The technology involves the application of an existing biocidal product on anodized aluminum producing an antimicrobial effect.

Over time, A3 Surfaces has refined its biocide recipe in order to make it more effective. Named UmanProtek, the technology enables aluminum parts that have received this surface treatment to be self-disinfecting. With this technology and its innovative aluminum anodizing solutions, the company wants to provide the world with proven products that will reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Since the company was founded in 2015, it has been working toward the commercialization of its antimicrobial technology. In 2021, the company completed the construction of its first facility in Saguenay, enabling it to research and manufacture antimicrobial anodized aluminum.

Moving Toward Commercialization

As part of the new round of financing, the Québec government granted A3 Surfaces a $2 million loan to support the commercialization of its aluminum anodizing technology. Meanwhile, Desjardins Capital has offered a financial support of $1 million. In addition, shareholders have invested an additional $1 million.

“A3 Surfaces operates in a strategic sector for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, and its ambitions correspond to the orientations of the Québec strategy for the development of aluminum,” said Andrée Laforest, minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Minister responsible for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. “By promoting the aluminum produced in the region, A3 Surfaces generates considerable economic benefits for us.”

Thanks to these new funds, A3 Surfaces will be able to pursue its North American approval process and consolidate its commercialization structure in Europe, where the company carries out important promotional work.

Already A3 Surfaces has begun to break into the European market, where the company recently signed a supplier agreement with the French private and public hospital purchasing center (CAHPP), which will allow it to offer its products to some 3,800 French health care institutions.

In addition, A3 Surfaces will be making its line of antimicrobial anodized aluminum products available to the general public through Amazon Europe.

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