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UCIN Aluminio Gets State-of-the-Art Scrap Transport Vehicle

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UCIN Aluminio, a Spanish producer of rolled aluminum, manufactures 90% of its strips from recycled aluminum. The company deals with a large amount of aluminum scrap, therefore having the ability to store large quantities of the material in various alloy types is paramount. To this end, UCIN Aluminio enlisted  T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.p.A., Padova, Italy, to build a new scrap transport vehicle to meet the logistics requirements in their casthouse.

After several months of study, process analysis, and tests in various casthouses, T.T. Tomorrow designed a new type of transport vehicle with capacity up to 52 tons. The vehicle can transport aluminum coils, billet racks, casting rolls, or scrap to be melted.

In addition to hauling scrap, the latest vehicle supplied to UCIN Aluminio can be equipped with special trailers for billet or coil with dumping and detachable containers for the transport and storage of materials to be melted. Containers are hooked and lifted from the front side and then pulled onboard for loading and the reverse movement is carried out for containers to be unloaded. Once onboard the truck, the container can be tilted and the door opened by hydraulic control.

UCIN Aluminio

UCIN Aluminio is an independent company that was founded in 1967 by Jose María Ucín. The company has gone through different stages throughout the years, beginning with manufacturing aluminum tubes and profiles. In 1974 the company was moved to its current location, in which they have a foundry, hot and cold rolling, tension leveling, cutting, and manufacturing of different finished products. The company offers a wide range of different alloys and has a capacity of 35,000 tonnes. Over 80% of UCIN Aluminio’s exports its products to more than 300 customers across the globe.

T.T. Tomorrow Technology

T.T. To­morrow Technology S.p.A. has over two decades of experi­ence supplying specialized ve­hicles and automated equipment to the primary and secondary aluminum industry. The company partners with customers to develop and deliver the most suitable solutions that are simul­taneously efficient and reliable. The company’s core products include fur­nace tending vehicles and systems for aluminum casthouse operations and carbon technology for cleaning, han­dling, and slotting anodes for primary aluminum smelters. Their equipment has been delivered all around the world, to aluminum producers in China, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, North America, and Mexico.

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