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Hydro Extruded Solutions Investing to Support Growth in North America

Hydro Extruded Solutions plans to invest in two new aluminum extrusion presses to support the growing automotive, transportation, and architectural markets in North America. Both new press lines will use cutting-edge extrusion technology to achieve improved productivity and enable Hydro to serve customers in the expanding North American market.

“We are very excited about Hydro’s continued investments in North America,” said Jack Pell, vice president of Automotive Business Development for Hydro Extrusion North America. “This new equipment merges state-of-the-art billet heating and quench capabilities with larger billet diameters and enables us to produce larger extruded aluminum shapes with thinner walls from stronger — the ‘holy grail’ for our automotive customers.”

At its Cressona, Pennsylvania location, the company plans to install a 4,500 ton, 10 inch aluminum press line to serve the traditional automotive and distribution segments. The $100 million investment will include the construction of a 96,000 sq ft facility next to its existing building. The infrastructure at the existing facility will also be improved, as well as adding and modernizing equipment in an effort to increase reliability and efficiency.

The company is also installing a 7,000-ton dual container 12/14 inch press line in the West region to serve the electric vehicle, transportation, and commercial building and construction segments.

In addition, Hydro has plans to significantly invest in new fabrication equipment as well as upgrades to existing cast houses, extrusion presses, anodizing, and paint lines in North America over the next two years.

“These investments are a clear sign to the market that we are committed to maintaining and growing our position as the industry leader with unmatched value-added services and press capabilities,” said Mike Stier, Hydro’s vice president of Strategy & Innovation in North America. “We are positioning ourselves to serve our customers in the best way possible now and in the future.”

Hydro expects both presses to be operational by 2020.

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