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Bonnell Investing in Niles to Expand its Automotive and Specialty Markets

Bonnell Aluminum, a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation, announced it will be investing approximately $18 million over the next 12 months to fund an expansion project which will include the purchase of a new state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion line at its AACOA facility in Niles, Michigan. The new line will be comprised of a state-of-the-art 3,600-ton extrusion press, housing a 9-inch container, handling systems, and ancillary equipment. Capacity is estimated at approximately 16 million lbs. The project also includes additional floor space to accommodate future value-added fabrication capacity.

“With continued growing demand from our customers, it is exciting to invest in this additional capacity, knowing that we will satisfy these opportunities with the high quality products and services that AACOA is known for in the industry,” commented Brook Hamilton, president and general manager for Bonnell Aluminum. “Our facility in Niles is ideally suited for this project, with a well-run operation and a great team in place.”

“AACOA has a solid market reputation and is highly regarded as a leader in the markets it serves, primarily consumer durables and machinery and equipment. The Niles facility also serves the automotive market due to its regional location,” added Ira Endres, vice president Sales and Marketing. “It makes sense to increase the capacity in Niles based on demand from our customers.”

Planned startup of the new extrusion line is the second quarter 2017.

(Photo is of Bonnell’s new extrusion line in Newnan, Georgia, which was presented in the article, “On the Front End of the Curve – Bonnell Aluminum Shifts into Automotive,” Light Metal Age, June 2014.)

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