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Electric Aluminum Yacht Speedily and Silently Cuts Through the Sea

© by Sarvo-Marine

The SARVO37 is a boat made from a specially developed ‘sea-aluminum’ comprising 60% recycled content. Sarvo-Marine, the Danish company behind the new boat, designed the 100% electric-powered day cruiser with sustainability and pleasure in mind. The hull is made from recycled aluminum and the deck from recycled plastic, which the company says in large part has been harvested from the sea.

Created from designer Sarvo Breckling’s desire to make a statement of silent elegance, the yacht is powered by clean energy. Breckling hopes to inspire change and accelerate the speed boat market’s inevitable transition towards sustainable energy. He chose aluminum for the majority of the boat as it is recyclable and can be used over and over again. Boat hulls have mostly been made from fiberglass in this past century, a material that can only be used once and requires considerable care, e.g. waxing and polishing. Conversely, the sea-aluminum hull is corrosion resistant (so it will not rust) and requires less work from the owner, as no waxing or polishing is needed.

Detailed for Speed and Convenience

Designed to effortlessly and silently cut through the waves at a speed of up to 70 knots, the SARVO37 can travel a distance of 70-100 nautical miles at a mach speed of 10-20 knots on one charge. Its 1,280 Horsepower engine is powered by a 350 kwh battery pack that can be fully recharged within an hour. The motor is started by the easy push of a button (that also works as a digital kill switch) when the captain is ready.  According to the company, the extreme power-to-weight ratio of the yacht has previously only been available in the hyper car industry.

The technology, developed in-house, has been tested and validated over a period of three years to ensure a reliable and efficient battery system. All parts of the electrical system were developed by Jonas Voss, CTO of Sarvo-Marine and former chief engineer of a well-known Swedish hyper car manufacturer in the super class.

The advanced drive system of the SARVO37 positions the propeller to cut into the waterline rather than under the surface to increase acceleration and speed. The cover above the propeller reduces the amount of air that is mixed with the water, thereby making the boat reach higher speeds and greater acceleration. More improved efficiency comes from the tunneled surface piercing prop system and the lack of beveled gears.

Sleek and Functional Aesthetics

The day cruiser’s functional and elegant construction comes from a combination of Scandinavian minimalist design, recycled materials, and Voss’ knowledge of how shape contributes to energy flow. Inspired by a vintage Danish mine sweeper, the hull’s razor sharp, V-shaped bow flattens out towards the stern, a part of the design that contributes greatly to the energy efficiency of the SARVO37. Saving energy, both at high and low speed, is a key objective for increased range. The sharp prow cuts through choppy waters at low speeds, while the flattened stern allows for smooth planing at higher speeds.

Breckling collaborated with Danish Marine Design to create a hull ideal for safety and comfortability. The aluminum hull of the SARVO37 has a thickness of 6 mm and a keel thickness of 10 mm and was designed for rough waves typical of the Mediterranean and Baltic seas. Precise placements of the different components of the battery pack contribute to the overall balance of the vessel, allowing for a steady ride even through stormy seas.

Contrasting nicely with the shiny aluminum hull, the synthetic wood decking maintains the boat’s eco-friendly design as it features 80% recycled content, including plastic removed from the ocean. Buyers can choose from various teak shades, and the decking comes paired with weather-resistant imitation leather upholstery on the wraparound sofa and captain chairs. The deck lounge area also includes an under-seat drinks cooler and a separate champagne cooler.

Below deck, the cabin houses a custom twin bed with a built-in bedside induction charger for mobile devices. The cabin’s brushed aluminum walls, smoked oak panels, and imitation leather upholstery mirror the deck outside. Comfortable for a day on the sea, it also contains a restroom and a coffee station.

Construction on the first SARVO37 is underway, with plans to be completed May 2021.

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