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February 2021


Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) began producing aluminum using power from a massive solar plant in the UAE. The company has started selling its solar aluminum, with BMW being its first customer. (Top photo by DEWA, bottom photos by BMW.)


Tables/Primary Aluminum Industry in the Year 2020
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

Casthouse Management and Operations—Part I: Introduction to DC Casting Performance Management
By Jake Biancur and Kedar Tilak
Page 22

An Overview of the ASI Standards Revision
By Dr. Fiona Solomon and Thad Mermer
Page 30

Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Produce Aluminum
Page 32

The Quest for Low Carbon Aluminum: Developing a Sustainability Index
By Dr. Subodh Das
Page 34

The SPL Waste Management Challenge in Primary Aluminum
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 44

Addressing Employee Mental Health During the Pandemic
By Alex Lowery
Page 54

Creating Synergies for Producing Green Aluminum: Interview with Arnaud de Weert
Page 56

Nature Alu Launches High Purity Al Production in Canada
Page 58

New Research and Development Center to Support Innovations in Aluminum Casting
Page 60

Hot Form Quench Enables Complex, Lightweight Structures in High Strength Aluminum
Page 63

IMA Launches New Magnesium LCA Study: Setting Sight on Lowering CO2 Emissions
By Simone Ehrenberger and Dr. Martin Tauber
Page 66

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