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August 2019


A vision of Hydro’s Peace Bench as it may appear at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway. (Image: Lars Tornoe.)


World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6
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Robotization of the Casthouse Operations at Aluminerie Alouette
By Patrice L’Huillier, J.P. Bérubé, and J.P. Castilloux, Aluminerie Alouette
Page 18
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The Status of Industry 4.0 in Current Aluminum Rolling and Extrusion Plants
By Dan Miller, Innoval Technology
Page 22
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Weber Metals Installs Massive Forging Press for Aerospace Market
By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor
Page 26
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Deploy-Ready Aluminum Bridge Decking: Addressing the Challenges of Aging Infrastructure
Page 30
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Constellium’s Automotive Structures Adapt to Automaker Specifications (read online)
Page 34
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FEA in Extrusion Die Design – The Case of Channel Profiles: The Influence of Die Design on Cap Deflection
By Tommaso Pinter, Almax Mori
Page 38
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Anodizing Industry News & Technology: NIA Launches Its First Large Anodizing Line (read online)
Page 40
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Anodizing Industry News & Technology: Volpato’s New Aluminum Anodizing Line with Advanced Automation
By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor
Page 42
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ALUMINUM USA Exhibitor Showcase
Page 44

The 2020 Aluminum Design Manual
By J. Randolph Kissell, Trinity Consultants, and Dr. Ronald D. Ziemian, Bucknell University
Page 56
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New Extrusion Die Manufacturing Facility Designed for Mass Customization
Page 60
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Recycling Aluminum Scrap in Denmark
By Anne Deacon-Juhl, Contributing Editor
Page 62
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Inside/Out Light Metals: Sorting the Scrap Metal Industry One Load at a Time
By Mike Jenny, Livingstone
Page 68
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Registration System for Aluminum Alloys Used in Additive Manufacturing (read online)
By Patricia Smith, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Jack Cowie and John Weritz, The Aluminum Association
Page 72
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Aluminum Peace Bench
Page 76
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Turla Press Open Week 2019
Page 94
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