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April 2018


A complex, three-piece interlocking extrusion designed by Almag Aluminum for a floating staircase at its headquarters in Brampton, ON, Canada. The company recently expanded its capacity for the production of complex extruded components with the installation of a new 25 MN, 8 inch extrusion press line in Brampton. Learn more about the new press on page 6 and the complex profile design on page 28. (Photo: Robert Ciolfi,


Almag – Pushing the Limits of What Extrusions Can Do
Page 6
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Extrusion Productivity, Part I – Billet Geometry
By Ken Chien and Paul Robbins, et al.
Page 10
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Arvida Casthouse Upgrades with Revolutionary Billet Casting Technology
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 16Purchase Article

Structural Design of Aluminum Extrusions
By Randy Kissell
Page 22
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Floating Staircase – A Collaboration Between Aluminum Extruder and Designer
By Nancy E. Klein
Page 28
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Extrusion Design – A Step-by-Step Guide
By Nancy E. Klein
Page 31
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An Aluminum Extruded Bridge is Born
By Daniel Pagé
Page 32
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Defects Affecting Extrusion – Stretcher Strains
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 34
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High-Performance Extrusion Quench Rates Meet Automotive Specifications
Page 38
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Automated Approach for Optimization of the Extrusion Process
By B. Reggiani, et al.
Page 44
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Modernizing Older Extrusion Press Lines
By James Cunningham
Page 50
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Ducab Starts Up Aluminum Rod Production in Abu Dhabi
Page 52
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Cooling Water Considerations in DC Casting
By Shaun Hamer
Page 54
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Aluminum Extruders Council 69th Annual Meeting
By Rose Eaton
Page 58
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