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February 2017


Environmental safety measurements being carried out on the new RA-550 electrolytic cells installed at UC Rusal’s Sayanogorsk smelter in Eastern Siberia. Find out more about the new pilot pot cell technology beginning on page 22.


Table/Primary Aluminum Industry in the Year 2016
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

RA-550: The New Generation of Cell Technology at UC Rusal
By V.Kh. Mann, A.V. Zavadyak, V.V. Pingin, V.V. Platonov, and I.I. Puzanov
Page 22

Super-High Amperage Prebake Cell Technologies in Operation at Worldwide Aluminum Smelters
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 26

EGA Invests in Technology with Proprietary Primary Al Patent Portfolio: Interview with Abdalla Alzarooni, EGA
Page 30

Casthouse Management: Reducing Melt Loss and Dross Generation
By James Grayson
Page 32

Defects Affecting Extrusion – Lubricant Related Inclusions
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 36

Grave-to-Gate: Automotive Aluminum Recycling at End-of-Life
By Sean Kelly and Diran Apelian
Page 40

TMS 2016 Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis Course
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 44

Arabal 2016 – Global Aluminum Market Outlook
By Andrew Hall
Page 48

Dynamically Controlled Energy Consumption Game Changer for Aluminum Smelters: Interview with Geoff Matthews and Dr. Mark Dorreen, Energia Potior
By Dr. Linda Wright
Page 55

Technological Advancement in Bauxite, Alumina, and Aluminum: ICSOBA 2016
By Michel Reverdy, Vinko Potocnik, and Frank Feret
Page 58

Light Metal Age Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Page 62

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