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    The Potential for Magnesium Forgings in Automotive

    By Andrew Halonen, Mayflower Consulting LLC. In the world of product development, many materials are available to pick from, yet companies tend to play to their favorites. In metals, these materials range from exotic to common, from low density to high, and they are processed into different forms. The majority of car components — from […]

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    MAADI Group to Manufacture Aluminum Bridge Decking for 63 Ton Vehicles

    MAADI Group was awarded a contract through Construction Bressau Inc. to finalize the fabrication of a new fusion-welded aluminum bridge deck system for the transport ministry in Quebec, Canada. With this contract, MAADI will become the first Canadian manufacturer of aluminum bridge decking for 63-ton vehicles, commonly known as CL-625. “We’re very pleased that we were chosen […]

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    MIT Develops New Aluminum-Sulfur Battery Concept

    As the world moves toward more sustainable power systems, such as wind and solar, there is a growing need for economical, large-scale battery backup systems that can provide power when sun and wind are blocked or unavailable. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery on the market. However, they are currently too expensive for […]