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  • Polstar-aluminum platform frame

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    Bonded Aluminum Chassis Will Make the Polestar 5 Faster and Safer

    Polestar, the Swedish premium electric performance car maker, announced that its forthcoming Polestar 5 four-door GT will feature a brand new, bespoke, bonded aluminum chassis. The bonded aluminum chassis was developed in-house by over 280 engineers from Polestar’s U.K. R&D team based in Coventry, England, and demonstrates Polestar’s industry leading in-house engineering and R&D capabilities […]

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    Aluminum E-trike for Greener Deliveries

    Hydro is collaborating with electric car maker Polestar and electric motorcycle producer CAKE on Re:Move, a low-carbon aluminum electric trike that aims to make transport of the “last mile” of deliveries cleaner.  The companies also hope that the Re:Move trike will spark conversation about how to go about accelerating the societal shift towards more sustainable e-mobility. […]

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    Volvo’s New Polestar 2 Electric Vehicle Uses Aluminum for Safety

    Volvo, the automaker known for making some of the safest cars in the world, has created a new safer electric vehicle by incorporating the battery within the aluminum structure of its upcoming Polestar 2.  Enclosed in an aluminum case for protection and rigidity, the battery pack is fully housed within the floor structure of the […]

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    The Future is Electric

    By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor. Conventional combustion engine vehicles may be phased out over the next two decades. The U.K., France, and Norway announced that they will ban the sale of fossil-fuel cars in the coming decades, along with China, which is also planning to stop the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles (although no timeline has […]