James Grayson

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  • Pyrotek

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    ARTICLE: Reducing Melt Loss and Dross Generation

    By James Grayson, Pyrotek Inc. Editor’s Note: “Casthouse Management” is an exclusive series of articles presenting the practical aspects of improving economics in the casthouse. The series includes coverage of the melting operations, practical aspects of improving process efficiency, understanding melt loss and dross generation, practical operator training, and fundamental management practices with a focus […]

  • Jim Grayson, Pyrotek

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    Born and Raised in the Casthouse – Interview with Jim Grayson, Pyrotek

    While at the ALUMINUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan, in November 2015, Light Metal Age had the opportunity to interview a number of notable members of the aluminum industry. This fifth interview in the series conducted by Ann Marie Fellom, publisher, presents Jim Grayson, sales manager for Pyrotek. As someone who has worked for 39 years […]