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  • Hyperloop One

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    First Test of Hyperloop Technology in Nevada

    Hyperloop One performed a propulsion open-air test of hyperloop technology in the Nevada desert, only 30 miles from the Las Vegas strip. This is the first demonstration of a working hyperloop component, since Elon Musk proposed it in 2013 as a technology that could revolutionize public and commercial transportation. What is Hyperloop “Is there truly a new […]

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    Tesla Adds Titanium and Aluminum Shielding to Model S

    In 2013, two incidents occurred in which Tesla Model S cars struck debris in the road, which resulted in underbody damage that caused car fires. “In both cases, the occupants walked away unharmed, thanks to the car’s safety features,” said Elon Musk, chariman, product architect, and ceo of Tesla in a press release online. “The […]