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    Primary Aluminum: Inert Anode and Wettable Cathode Technology in Aluminum Electrolysis

    Editor’s Note: Unlike aluminum’s sustainable advantage in recycling, primary aluminum production (which uses carbon anodes in the Hall-Héroult process), continues to be energy intensive and a greenhouse gas (GHG) producer. Ignoring the effect of CO2 generation in the coal/hydrocarbon power equation, the use of carbonaceous anodes in the smelting process generates GHGs as carbon is […]

  • Rusal-Sayanogorsk

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    UC Rusal Launches New Generation Aluminum Electrolysis Pot Cell

    UC Rusal launched the first RA-550 pot, which is running at over 550 kA, at the Sayanogorsk aluminum smelter (SAZ) as part of a US$28 million project. “RA-550 is a reduction cell with a breakthrough design for future smelters and upgrade projects at Rusal’s existing smelting capacities,” said Victor Mann, Rusal’s technical director. “Alongside the technical and […]

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    Personality Profile: The Father of the Chinese Aluminum Industry – Professor Qiu Zhuxian

    By Dr. Gao Bingliang, School of Metallurgy, Northeastern University Editor’s Note: This article is a companion piece to “Innovations in Aluminum Production Technology at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China,” also by Gao, which appeared in the February 2016 issue of Light Metal Age. Introduction The Chinese aluminum smelting industry has gone through tremendous growth during the […]