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Motultech Baraldi


Via Lombardia 2I-2L
Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna 40024
Contact Name: Martin Hartlieb
Phone: (514) 929-8505
Motul Baraldi


Founded in 1917, Baraldi develops and manufactures release agents and lubricants for hot working metals and in particular for aluminum extrusion and die casting. Since 2006, it has become a partner of MotulTech, the Industrial division of Motul Group. Motultech Baraldi presents a new range of products, safe and environmentally friendly, for the extrusion process. They replace conventional products with tangible improvements for the different positions of the extrusion machine and devices (e.g. dummy block, billet cutting, shear blade, profile cutting). These products allow extruders to solve problems regarding smoke and flames, environment dirtiness, and operator health risks. Environmental and health risks are overcome thanks to the composition release agents and lubricants, which is based on water solutions with extraordinary capacity to film quickly and efficiently on very hot surfaces with excellent adhesion.

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