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Podcast Series Presents ‘All Things Anodizing’

The Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC) is introducing a new podcast series called Ano-Talk: All Things Anodizing, which aims to educate and inform both anodizing industry professionals and end users. The series will delve into topics covering a wide range of information about anodizing. The audio format will give the AAC another convenient way to reach its various audiences through short recordings that each focus on a specific topic, from anodizing best practices to applications, regulatory issues to safety, etc.

There will be feature interviews with council members and leaders, as well as those from the manufacturing industry, academia, and elsewhere to inform listeners about the latest anodizing developments that may impact businesses in the industry. The Ano-Talk podcast series will appeal to those interested in how market, economic, and industry forces are shaping the aluminum anodizing community and promises to enlighten and educate all who listen.

Hosts of Ano-Talk will be AAC members who will take turns hosting episodes. Some of the planned hosts include, George Oh and Nathan Sheffield of Quaker Houghton in Alpharetta, GA; Tej Patel of Techevon in Fort Mill, SC; and Mark Spencer of AaCron Anodizing in Plymouth, MN, with many more to come.

“Podcasts are an effective way for getting information out to people we want to reach,” said Oh. “It’s easy to listen to them anywhere and on the go, unlike webinars and emails, which require you to look at a screen to get the full information.”

One upcoming episode covering emissions from anodizing operations will address a concerning air quality regulation issue that has developed in California, serving as a preview to an upcoming webinar on the subject.

“This episode will be very informative to not only the finishing industry in California, but also to those in other areas of the country since it will include discussions about existing and proposed code changes that might affect them,” said Spencer.

Other planned content includes subjects like the benefits of anodizing, various anodizing applications, and how the work of students is advancing anodizing technology. Those interested in listening to the podcast series can subscribe to Ano-Talk: All Things Anodizing on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms.

Visit the AAC  Ano-Talk webpage for more information.

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