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Pyrotek Completing Construction on New Dubai Manufacturing Plant

Pyrotek new plant in Dubai

Pyrotek Inc. is scheduled to complete the construction of a new manufacturing facility the Jebel Ali Free Zone in western Dubai, United Arab Emirates in November. The facility is designed to enable the company to serve and supply the rapidly growing aluminum smelting operations of the Gulf region.

“This plant will grow our footprint in the heart of one of the major global aluminum smelting regions,” said Nigel Clear, Pyrotek’s general manager in the region. “It’s also very close to Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA). Combined, EGA is the biggest aluminum producer in the Persian Gulf.” EGA operates aluminum smelters in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It also has an alumina refinery in Abu Dhabi.

The site in Dubai is ideal not only because of its close proximity to major aluminum smelters, but also because of the ease of doing business in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and the convenience of the Jebel Ali Port. “It is a very central logistics hub for the Middle East,” said Clear. “Many of the vessels and much of the container traffic coming into the Middle East moves through the Jebel Ali Port.”

The new Pyrotek plant will focus on manufacturing several major product lines and provide faster delivery of specific customized products in the region. It will also have an in-house design and engineering department, with the engineering team to be built up and developed with specific training over time.

“It’s all about improving our service and shortening delivery times—prototyping and then supplying custom products fast,” said Clear.

The construction on Pyrotek's new facility in Dubai is expected to be completed in Novemer, with start of operations at the beginning of 2020.
The construction on Pyrotek’s new facility in Dubai is expected to be completed in Novemer, with start of operations at the beginning of 2020.

The first phase of construction on the new facility in Dubai will provide 66,000 sq ft (6,185 sqe m) of floor space. Furthermore, there is enough land at the site within the Jebel Ali Free Zone to allow for an eventual doubling of the plant footprint. The construction contractor is Pax-Kent International LLC, based in Dubai. They also designed the facility.

Pyrotek has been in Dubai for 20 years, and currently operates a sales and warehousing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone that serves the UAE, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and northern Africa. Along with providing products to companies in the aluminum industry, the existing facility supplies glass, steel, and noise control industry customers. Additionally, Pyrotek operates plants in Askar and Hidd, Bahrain, and in Al Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company is scheduled to occupy and start operation of the new facility in January 2020.

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