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GNA Becoming a Member of EBNER Group

GNA alutech inc - aluminicaste Melting furnace

GNA alutech inc. located in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, announced that it will become a member of EBNER Group, headquartered in Leonding, Austria. The aim of the merger is to strengthen the company’s position and role in the Americas and worldwide markets by combining its knowledge and experience in the aluminum industry with existing group members, Gautschi Engineering and HPI.

Founded in 1983, GNA is a recognized world leader in the design and construction of furnaces and equipment for the aluminum industry. The company’s experience with scrap melting and casthouse processes will strengthen the group’s overall portfolio, providing it access to melting and casting technologies that can be enhanced in the EBNER R&D center in order to better meet the industry trend toward increasing scrap recovery.

Together the group partners will be able to supply turnkey solutions for the aluminum casthouse industry, such as:

  • cathode sealing systems for primary metal production
  • round-top charged and rectangular melting furnaces (up to 140 tonnes)
  • twin chamber and rotary furnaces for melting contaminated scrap
  • oval shaped and rectangular casting furnaces
  • vertical slab and billet casting
  • horizontal billet, bar, and plate casting
  • casting tables and molds
  • batch and continuous type homogenizing furnaces for billet
  • pusher and pit type heat treatment furnaces
  • batch furnaces for coil and foil
  • a newly developed compact coil furnace
  • auxiliary equipment, such as charging and sawing machines, packing and strapping lines, ultrasonic testing equipment, and conductivity testing

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