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ClimatePartner Certifies Low Carbon Footprint for Eccomelt

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ClimatePartner GmbH certified the low carbon footprint of Eccomelt LLC’s patented process for the company’s product called eccomelt356.2. The process produces a specification alloy from aluminum wheels at a lower cost than traditional methods and creates a clean charge. The innovation of eccomelt356.2 lies mainly in its proprietary, non-thermal process, which eliminates one carbon-intensive melting step. The process also provides a clean metal, with minimal dross, and allows for high density to maximize furnace and transportation efficiency.

The independent study by ClimatePartner calculated both the corporate and product carbon footprint of eccomelt356.2, for the full calendar year 2019. The study confirmed the product’s extremely low carbon footprint. ClimatePartner, a multi-national team of climate experts hailing from 20 countries, adheres to the most stringent standards when calculating the carbon footprint of their clients.

The measurement is based on the world’s most widely used Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol Corporate Standard).  The standard covers Scope 1 & 2, direct and indirect emissions for both facilities, and the all-inclusive Scope 3 standard, which covers all indirect emissions from the entire value chain, including raw materials. ClimatePartner conducted a full data validation and applied emission factors from scientific life cycle assessment databases, such as Ecoinvent and GEMIS, as well as their own database.

The results for eccomelt356.2 without packaging were measured at 0.112 kg C02e/Al, and with packaging at 0.136 kg C02e/Al (Scope 1-3). Since eccomelt356.2 is often shipped loose, without packaging, customers can choose which option best fits the needs of their company.  In comparison, average primary A356.2 is around 17kg C02e/kg Al, while “low carbon primary” A356.2 might get to just below 4 kg C02e/kg Al according to the company.

The product is a direct substitute for primary A356.2 aluminum, used by OEMs, Tier 1s, foundries, and die casters who can use eccomelt356.2 to cast high-quality automobile and other parts. Eccomelt LLC ships products to automotive OEMs and foundries within North America including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as worldwide, such as France, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With over 1 billion pounds sold, eccomelt356.2 is a quality product for both foundries and die casters looking for a cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The Climate Partner study proves that with our product, foundries and die casters can easily reach their carbon footprint targets, while at the same time produce high quality castings at a competitive cost and with regional North American content,” said Dan Bitton, CEO of Eccomelt LLC. “By using eccomelt356.2, the automotive industry simply cannot go wrong. We now have the scientific backing to prove it.”

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