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Light Metal Age Celebrates 75th Anniversary

75th-logo-mark-bw-black-years-2017Reaching a pinnacle achievement, Light Metal Age celebrates its 75th anniversary of continuous publication. Consistently delivering hi-quality content, the magazine is considered to be the premier magazine of the aluminum industry.

A Look Back

With its initial issue in May 1943, Light Metal Age was inaugurated by Roy Fellom, Jr. Combining his personal interests and educational background as a mining engineer, Roy launched this magazine to further the interest of the light metal industry by promoting the use and application of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium, and their alloys.

Light Metal Age's first edition cover from May 1943
First Light Metal Age cover from May 1943. Click here for more historic covers.

Roy aimed to herald the new “light metal era” with the aim of developing the industry through publication of advances in production, refining, and fabrication practices, and to weld the researcher, producer, fabricator, and consumer together through the creation of a common medium of expression, as he explains in his 1942 Dedication:

Light Metal Age, with this initial issue, dedicates itself…
To further the interests of the Light Metal industry;
To promote the use and applications of Magnesium and Aluminum, and their alloys, by suggesting their specific advantages and adaptations to different fields;
To educate and instruct in the working and handling of Light Metals by detailing actual methods and shop practices;
To help to more quickly develop the Light Metal Industry through publication of discoveries, advances and improvements in production and fabrication processes;
To weld the Light Metal Industry—researchist, fabricator, producer, and consumer—closer together by the creation of a common medium of expression; and
To herald the new LIGHT METAL ERA, which shall see these most abundant basic metals brought to the service of man in all the common uses where metal is required.

Light Metal Age was first published from its office in Chicago, Illinois, close to the commercial and industrial center of North America and remained in that location from 1943 to 1954. The headquarters moved to San Francisco, California, in 1955 and to South San Francisco in 1989.

Beginning as a magazine with a national circulation and an international scope, by the early 1970s, Light Metal Age was being read around the world. Roy’s daughters Wanda and Ann Marie Fellom joined the family business and Ann Marie took over as publisher in 1993, following Roy’s passing.

Moving Forward

Today, aluminum is experiencing a surge in growth. The automotive industry is the driving impetus for this growth, with OEMs seeking to reduce weight in their vehicles in order to meet CAFE and similar regulations being implemented on an international level. These developments—along with significant advances in aerospace, building and construction, marine, and other industries—point to a strong future for the aluminum industry.

Through its seven decades, Light Metal Age has followed the evolution of technology and advances in the aluminum industry, adapting to changing times in order to better serve its readers. As the magazine moves forward, Light Metal Age is expanding its editorial scope to include developments in advanced joining processes (friction stir welding, adhesives and bonding, self piercing rivets, etc.), forming and fabrication technologies (sheet stamping, hydroforming of extrusions, etc.), automation, simulation and testing advancements, as well as manufacturing technologies of the future, such as additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Light Metal Age pledges to be at the forefront of the light metal era, bringing its readers the timely news and knowledge that will help them thrive.

Editorial Acknowledgements

Light Metal Age would not be the success it is without the excellent writers and editors who contribute their knowledge in the form of editorial content and technical advice to its pages. Joseph C. Benedyk, editor, has written and published more than 140 articles in the magazine. Andrea Svendsen, managing editor, addresses the magazine’s editorial focus, working with contributing authors and writing articles to ensure relevant information is featured. Other recent contributing editors that have written articles, showcasing their expertise in primary aluminum, magnesium, extrusion, aerospace, building and construction, automotive, and the casthouse, include:

Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Jerome Fourmann
John Grandfield
Andrew Hall
Nancy Klein
J. Randolf Kissell
Michael Niedzinski
Rudolf P. Pawlek
Geoff Scamans
Craig Werner

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Photos from Our Archives

Click on any of the images below to view larger versions.

Light Metal Age, May 1943
From “Light Metal in Post War Design” by George W. Walker, Light Metal Age, May 1943. (©1943 Light Metal Age)
Light Metal Age, February 1945
Extrusion stretch press, from “Stretch Press Forming of Aluminum” by Gilbert C. Close, Light Metal Age, February 1945. (©1945 Light Metal Age)
Light Metal Age, February 1947
Aluminum Buss, from Light Metal Age, February 1947. (©1947 Light Metal Age)
Light Metal Age, February 1951
“First All-Welded Aluminum Navy Vessel,” Light Metal Age,February 1951. (©1951 Light Metal Age)
From "Magnesium – New Auto Claving Method Used to Form Canadian 'Arrow" Fighter Skin," Light Metal Age, February 1958. (©1958 Light Metal Age)
From “Magnesium – New Auto Claving Method Used to Form Canadian ‘Arrow” Fighter Skin,” Light Metal Age, February 1958. (©1958 Light Metal Age)
Light Metal Age, August 1962
“Highly Automatized Extrusion with New Card Programed and Controlled Extrusion Press,” Light Metal Age, August 1962. (©1962 Light Metal Age)
Light Metal Age, April 1972
From “Now in Operation at Alcoa’s Warrick Works, the World’s Fastest Rolling Mill,” Light Metal Age, April 1972. (©1972 Light Metal Age)

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