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Patrick Metals Upgrades to Next Generation Vertical Powder Coating Line

C-expert powder coating booth© by SAT

Patrick Metals is investing in the revamp of its existing powder coating line in Mishawaka, Indiana. Installed by Italian engineering company SAT in 2006, the existing line will be upgraded to a C-Expert vertical powder coating booth.

Active in the field of aluminum extrusion for more than 80 years, Patrick Metals supplies precision aluminum extrusions in a wide variety of lengths, widths and shapes for customers in a range of industries. The company also provides value-added services, such as anodizing, painting, and finishing.

The installation of the new C-Expert powder coating booth will provide the company will a new strength. The line features a vertical booth designed specifically for powder coating of extrusions. This enables a compact installation with automatic guns, installed on a multi-arm vertical reciprocator.

C-Expert is the result of several years of work by SAT’s R&D department. The system is designed for a uniform and deep coating of complex geometry profiles — even at high conveyor speed. It allows the line to operate at constant speed, resulting in higher productivity and less rejects.

The booth can also be perfectly integrated with the new SAT Visicoat system (for automatic powder coating). This enables extruders to achieve the highest level of automation in the market, with repeatability and incredible coating efficiency.

The powder coating booth will be outfitted with a Gema OptiCenter OC07 with 20 automatic GA03-P guns. The acquisition of SAT by Gema in 2018 brought the two companies into the same group, which allows for cooperation on the development of powder coating lines with advances electrostatic equipment.

SAT Patrick Metals aluminum extrusion powder coating control system
Control panel for an advanced C-Expert powder coating booth. (Photo: SAT.)

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