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Benkam Installs New Powder Coating Line at Its Extrusion Plant in Central Asia


Benkam, the largest producer of extruded aluminum in Central Asia, completed the installation of a new vertical powder coating line at its headquarters in Uzbekistan. The company produces aluminum profiles for a variety of industries, which are exported to Europe, Central Asia, and non-CIS countries.

The company selected SAT to supply the new vertical powder coating line with a CUBE powder coating booth equipped with a Gema OptiCenter OC02 with 24 guns. The is the third vertical line from SAT that the company has installed.

The scope of supply also included a vertical brushing machine for mechanical pretreatment. The brushing machine is placed “in line” along the path of the aerial conveyor chain. All of the profiles are brushed on each side, removing a layer of aluminum and dust particles from the surface to ensure their cleanliness prior to entering the chemical pre-treatment step. This drastically reduced the incidence of the surface defects in the final product. Furthermore, the brushing machine roughens the profile surface in such a way as to simplify the chemical treatment that takes place within the pretreatment tunnel.

Benkam manufactures its aluminum profiles on three modern, high-tech extrusion presses of Italian and Korean design, having a capacity of 4,000 tons, 2,000 tons, and 1,000 tons, respectively. All extrusion operations within the facility are fully automated, which eliminates a large amount of waste and improves the quality and accuracy of production. A wide range of aluminum alloys, including 1ххх, 6ххх, and 7ххх, are manufactured, with 6000 series being the most common due to its structural benefits.The company also operates anodizing and painting capacities.  The factory employs around 50 personnel and has a production capacity of up to 40,000 tons of finished aluminum profiles per year.

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