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AluK Modernizes Its Vertical Powder Coating Line

SAT_Alukolor© by SAT

AluK, a leader in the design and engineering of aluminum window, door and curtain walling systems in Hamme, Belgium, modernized their existing vertical powder coating line with the installation of two new SAT powder coating booths.

The new powder coating booths are each designed with a “V” shape fast-cleaning section. The cleaning area is equipped with two walls consisting of plastic belts that continuously move the profiles to ensure that they are properly cleaned.

In the painting booth, the powder spray guns are located on both the right and on the left side of the profiles. This allows for the powder to be sprayed on both sides of the profile. The result is a cloud of powder that surrounds the profile, providing an improvement in powder transfer efficiency (in other words, an increase of the share of powder that goes directly on the profiles).

The ability to spray from both sides also allows the system to operate without the rotation of the conveyor hooks within the booth. Therefore, profiles will not need to change position in reference to the conveyor axis. The profiles remain at the same distance from the guns at all times, ensuring even application of the powder. This is especially important for profiles with large cross sections.

The booths are also able to reduce the thickness gap between the “easy” surfaces/sides and the “difficult” sides of the profiles. As consequence of the even powder distribution, AluK will be able to achieve a lower powder consumption.

The SAT booths are also equipped with a high efficiency of the air extraction system that collects the powder as it is sprayed, so that only minimal amount of powder falls and settles on the floor of the booth during the application process.

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