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Terves Completes Installation of a New Magnesium Extrusion Press

Terves_Extral press installed_25sept19

Terves Inc. in Euclid, OH, completed installation of its new, state-of-the-art 3,500 MT extrusion press in September 2019. Housed within the company’s new 11,000 sq ft H3-classified magnesium metal processing facility, the press further expands Terves’ magnesium molten metal processing, heat treatment, machining, and storage capabilities.

The press from Extral Technology SRL in  Italy is currently configured for 9 inch billets up to 48 inches in length. It was specified and designed to allow Terves to meet its needs for internal production of TervAlloy (a family of patented dissolvable magnesium alloys that provide reliable dissolution rate at a variety of temperatures), as well as for full scale development services for new alloys and toll manufacturing of private label and unique difficult to process materials. This large and extremely rigid short-stroke extrusion press will be the largest press in North America dedicated to magnesium, specialty alloys, and metal matrix composite alloys. This large tonnage and high rigidity is necessary due to the high forces needed to extrude magnesium and metal matrix composite (MMC) materials that the company manufactures.

Terves is a developer of engineered magnesium alloys, touting its initial success of the Tevalloy family of Engineered Response™ smart materials for the oil and gas industry. In addition to its extrusion operations, the company’s production capabilities include a production scale foundry with a 500 lb electric Striko Dynarad furnace and two 1,500 lb Habenery gas fired furnaces, as well as extensive machining capabilities. The company also has internal research and development capabilities, including: lab scale melting (1 lb, 10 lb, and 60 lb crucibles), chemical analysis (Perk & Elmer ICP, Spectromaxx OES), muffle furnaces for HT, and light microscopy.

With the installation of the new extrusion press, Terves is now positioned to take on new magnesium and MMC development challenges. The company is currently in the process of further expanding its capabilities with the construction of a 12,000 sq ft addition to its foundry, located on an adjacent property, that began in September.

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