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Vimetco Extrudes First Billet on New Press Line

an aluminum extrusion press line© by Vimetco Extrusion

Vimetco Extrusion, a downstream subsidiary of Alro S.A., installed and completed the testing of its new state-of-the-art 7 inch extrusion line in Slatina, Romania. The €10 million project is a part of the company’s strategy to increase its production capacity in order to deliver an extensive portfolio of customized solutions to its customers.

“Alro Group believes that focusing on strategic investments, processes optimization, and cost control represents a suitable and reliable strategy to support our business and help us navigate through these challenging times. This strategy applies to all our subsidiaries, and Vimetco Extrusion’s completion of a new automatic extrusion line is the latest example,” said Marian Năstase, chairman of Alro’s board of directors. “This is yet another step towards increasing the portfolio of high and very high value-added products, while consolidating the relationship with our customers by offering them a reliable, long-term partner capable of delivering tailored products and services.”

The new 7 inch extrusion press line features a high level of automation, achieving high efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The press is able to extrude profiles up to 60 m in length, with a speed of 50 m/minute, while having the lowest guaranteed gas consumption on the market. It is also equipped with an energy-saving system, as well as with an independently operated water and air-cooling zones designed to efficiently allocate resources.

This is the third press line for aluminum profiles installed by Vimetco. It will increase the company’s yearly production capacity by 11,000 tonnes, reaching a total annual capacity of 35,000 tonnes by the end of 2022.

“Vimetco Extrusion believes in creating value for all its stakeholders,” said Igor Higer, chairman of the board of directors, Vimetco Extrusion.“We support our customers by offering them personalized solutions and products, through the implementation of state-of-the art technology; we support our employees by ensuring the best working conditions and training; and last but not least,we uphold the local community by reducing the impact on the environment and creating new job opportunities.”

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