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Reliability of FEM Codes for Aluminum Extrusion Process Analysis

The International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB) is an event aimed at promoting the most recent advances in aluminum extrusion technologies with a specific session dedicated to the evaluation of the reliability of FEM codes for process analysis. At the 2009 conference, organized in Dortmund in September 2009, there was great interest in the subject of improvement of FEM code capacity for simulation and optimization of the extrusion process.

As an exclusive to Light Metal Age, the papers related to FEM code description, as presented by the authors during the conference, are offered here. The papers describe the most recent developments and capabilities of Deform, MTD, and QForm code. Each paper includes details of the main features of the code, the required procedure for model set-up, and the most recent improvement performed in the solving approaches, and in pre- and post-processing interface. Finally, a comparison between FEM code outputs and experimental trials on selected industrial case studies are presented and discussed.

  • “Advancements of Extrusion Simulation in DEFORM-3D,” by G. Li, J. Yang, J.Y. Oh, M. Foster, W. Wu, P. Tsai, and W. Chang. Click to view pdf.
  • “Development and Industrial Verification of QForm-Extrusion Program for Simulation of Profile Extrusion,” by S. Stebunov, A. Lishnij, N. Biba, S. Bellotti, and P. Bevilacqua. Click to view pdf.
  • “Simulation Aided Extrusion in the Design Practice,” by Y. Krähenbühl and B. Bourqui. Click to view pdf.

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