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Powerful Aston Martin Superbike Engine is Made of Aluminum

© by Aston Martin

Aston Martin, U.K., and Brough Superior, France, introduced their strictly limited-edition superbike, the AMB 001 Pro, at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November. Aston Martin was responsible for the design, and Brough Superior for the engineering of  the superbike, which follows in the footsteps of Aston Martin’s first motorcycle (the AMB 001, released in 2019).

The new superbike is more powerful than the first iteration due to its 997cc dual-cylinder engine, which is fully machined from solid aluminum billet (AL 5000). The V-twin four-stroke aluminum engine helps the bike reach 225 hp. Further, the light metal improves the stiffness of the structural engine, while a new cylinder design with wet cylinder liners helps to improve cooling.

“We are particularly proud of the new engine type, with a crankcase fully machined from solid billet aluminium, which is a unique feature for a production motorcycle,” said Thierry Henriette, CEO of Brough Superior. “With the marked increase in power this takes AMB 001 Pro into the hyperbike sector.”

Aluminum Flows Throughout the Design

The front suspension encompasses a Fior-type CNC machined aluminum fork with twin articulated triangular links and preload and rebound adjustable monoshock. Additionally, a CNC machined aluminum pivoting swing arm is featured in the engine crankcases.

Aston Martin’s trademark lacewing logo will be applied to each bike on the nose cowl and tank, on top of the painted finish and beneath a smooth coat of lacquer. This chemically etched aluminium lacewing is a remarkable 99.4% lighter than the brand’s regular enamel badge, and is 30% thinner than a human hair at just 70 microns thick.

“There is no separation between the advanced materials, design, and technical capabilities of the bike. We’ve achieved this fluidity again with Brough Superior for those who desire a track superbike like none other,” said Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and CCO of Aston Martin. “The rider is part of this moving sculpture and will literally feel as though they are part of the track when laying atop the AMB 001 Pro.”

Initial orders have already been taken for the extremely limited edition AMB 001 Pro, which will be hand built at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. First deliveries will take place in Q4 2023.


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