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Novelis Opens Aluminum Beverage Can Customer Solution Center in Brazil

Brazil Can Customer Solution Center

Novelis Inc. opened its Customer Solution Center (CSC) for the beverage packaging market in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The center will focus on advancing aluminum beverage can innovation and sustainability solutions in response to growing market demand.

“The beverage business is in growth mode, and aluminum is quickly becoming the material of choice for beverage can packaging, so we need to be prepared for increased demand as consumers recognize the many drawbacks of other, less sustainable packaging materials,” said Greg Schlicht, senior vice president, Global Can Sales at Novelis. “In addition, our customers are seeking to elevate package appearance and aluminum cans provide an ideal, 360-degree canvas for eye-catching, upscale graphics and product branding. We are committed to investing in innovation to maximize these opportunities.”

Novelis cited three major market trends that are driving the need for innovation in the beverage can market. First, consumers are showing increased desire for more sustainable packaging, driving a shift toward aluminum as the environmentally friendly choice for beverage can packaging.

Second, the beverage market is expanding, which is driving increased demand for variety of packed beverages, including water, energy drinks, soda, beer, wine, hard seltzers, and other ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. As the market grows, the need for sustainable aluminum packaging increases, further driving the need for capacity and innovation.

Third, consumers are showing a growing interest in specialty cans. Trends show they are looking for different packaging options in terms of function and appearance, resulting in new specialty shapes, sizes and surface finishes. For example, Novelis recently responded to market demand with the ability to produce black-laminated aluminum can end sheet.

Colored aluminium beverage can ends, especially black, are particularly popular for new and innovative beverage products and energy drinks. (Source: Novelis.)
Colored aluminium beverage can ends, especially black, are particularly popular for new and innovative beverage products and energy drinks. (Source: Novelis.)

The São José dos Campos facility is part of Novelis’ growing global network of CSCs. The center will serve as an innovation hub in a facility designed for collaboration, most notably with beverage can makers, brand owners, other industry suppliers and scientific partners. By bringing these parties together, the center is expected to inspire ideas and accelerate innovation that will address real-world challenges and advance the adoption of aluminum as the material of choice for beverage packaging. Designed to encourage creativity, the state-of-the-art, 3,000 sq m facility features modern laboratories, training rooms, and collaboration space.

“As the beverage market grows and consumers increasingly choose sustainable aluminum beverage packaging, the need to support our customers’ innovation goals also grows,” said Philippe Meyer, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Novelis. “We work diligently to align our innovation plans with those of our customers to ensure that together we meet the needs of the market — both today, as well as tomorrow — as we search for more sustainable solutions.”

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