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Aluminum Camper Keeps Adventurers Warm

© by Lume Traveler

Dutch camper-caravan maker, Lume Traveler, released its latest aluminum anodized box trailer just in time for winter. The LT540 Nordic is larger than Lume’s previous travelers and was made to handle camping all year round, even in the snow. Accordingly, it includes a full fledged kitchen for those that can’t cook outside for weather reasons, or just don’t feel like it.

The Nordic kitchen area spreads out across the camper’s center aisle with a PITT triple-burner gas stove below an LED-lit extractor hood on one side and a sink with mixer tap next to a stainless steel-faced Dometic CRX 65DS pull-out fridge/freezer on the other. The stainless steel countertop includes an extension for extra work space.

The look of the Lume Travelers have been compared to both an Airstream trailer and a horse trailer. Its shiny outer anodized aluminum shell is reminiscent of the classic Airstreams, but the boxy appearance is more akin to a horse trailer than the bubbly shape of Airstream lore. Designed by Hein van de Laar, the aluminum trailers feature a six foot long retractable roof perfect for stargazing while lying in bed.

“It was my dream to get off the beaten track and discover the most beautiful places in Europe,” said van De Laar. “Not with a tent or caravan, but with all the comfort of a hotel suite. Sleeping under the stars in the best bed in the world, and being able to prepare some of the most delightful local delicacies — on a full fledged cooker.”

That dream has come true for van de Laar, and now he wants to share it with the world. Importantly, every material that makes up the Lume Travelers have been carefully selected with sustainably as a top priority, and aluminum fits that bill. Aluminum gives the Travelers not only a stylized exterior, but contributes to the trailer’s light weight and will last as the anodized aluminum is non-corrosive.

The new Nordic model is not only a sight to see, but contains the latest technology including a smart heating and air conditioning system. Additionally, its hydraulic leveling system automatically ensures the ‘mobile hotel suite’ will stay on the level, even if parked on an uneven surface.

Extra Cool Features

The LT540 Nordic includes a full electrical system with 100-Ah lithium battery, 330-W solar panel array, 1,600-W Victron inverter/charger, Victron battery monitor, and available Honda generator. The standard features package also brings in an exterior awning, 4+1 Bluetooth audio system.

Inside the trailer, LED lighting illuminates stainless steel, felt and wood that combine to add a functional warmth to the overall ambience.

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