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NanoAL Commercializes Aluminum Alloy Powder

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NanoAL, LLC, located in Boston, MA, has commercialized its award-winning, additive manufacturing technology — Addalloy® 5T aluminum alloy powder. NanoAL is a subsidiary of Unity Aluminum (formerly Braidy Industries) and serves as its research and development division, developing new aluminum alloys.

The Addalloy family of next-generation aluminum alloy powders are specifically formulated for additive manufacturing via selective laser melting. The patented compositions take advantage of the atomization and SLM printing processes to create advanced microstructures with non-traditional strengthening mechanisms which greatly enhance the performance of 3D printed components. The alloys are formulated without expensive rare earth elements or complicated powder blends, making them cost effective and easy to use.

Addalloy 5T Powder

Addalloy 5T is an Al-Mg based alloy (AA5xxx series) designed specifically for additive manufacturing processes. The powder is formulated in such a way that it can be precipitation strengthened after fabrication. The combination of high strength and ductility make this alloy suitable for structural applications.

Heat sink 3D printed using Addalloy powder.

“I’m excited to see Addalloy powder product commercialized, enabling engineers and designers to fully leverage the technology advancement of 3D printing and attractive characteristics of high-performance aluminum alloys,” said Dr. Nhon Vo, CEO of NanoAL LLC.

NanoAL provides fast solutions with raw material powders and printed samples or components to get projects launched quickly and cost effectively. Addalloy 5T powder is 100% pre-alloyed, which eliminates secondary powder treatments or blends and makes it easy to use. According to the company, 3D printing speeds with Addalloy 5T can meet or exceed the productivity of the incumbent aluminum alloys in the market today.


In April 2020, NanoAL, LLC’s proprietary Addalloy aluminum powder won a Gold Edison Award for 3D printing enhancements. The Edison Awards have been recognizing and honoring innovation and innovators across the globe since 1987.  The Addalloy powder was chosen as the 2020 Gold Award winner by a panel of over 3,000 leading business executives.

“This award confirms the industry-wide need for NanoAL’s customer-centric approach when designing alloys for additive manufacturing,” said Vo. “We fully utilize the process advantages of additive manufacturing without forgetting that customers need solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement.”

NanoAL has received numerous awards and contracts from small and large industrial partners as well as the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation.  NanoAL LLC was acquired by Unity Aluminum in September 2018 to form the core research group for new aluminum alloys. With a growing team and more resources, the company is accelerating the commercialization of NanoAL technologies.

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