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Call for Papers – 11th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress

Aluminium Two Thousand

The 11th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress, organized by Interall in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering – University of Bologna, will take place on April 9-13, 2019 in in Treviso, Italy. The event will bring together the aluminum industry specialists from around the world together in a single venue, creating a unique opportunity for industry managers, technicians, researchers, technology suppliers, and other qualified speakers to network and explore the latest research, discoveries, and the trends for the future.

The event will include three-day conference with four parallel sessions, entirely dedicated to different subjects ranging from markets and analysis of the aluminum industry to foundry, casting, extrusion, anodizing and painting, automation, architecture, transport industry, environmental protection & recycling, measuring, testing and quality techniques — the large aluminum world for an international audience.

Aluminium Two Thousand 2019 issued a call for papers to be presented at the event.

Potential speakers are invited to submit a title (with list of the authors) for a proposed presentation by February 28, 2018.

An abstract (maximum 1 page, following the required template) should be submitted to before April 30, 2018.

Conference Topics

MARKETS & STRATEGIES — Traditional markets (Europe, the U.S., Canada, Middle East, The Gulf, Far East), BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and their present and future role, and new emerging countries (Mexico, Central and South America)

ALLOYS BILLETS & Related Equipment — Foundry, aluminum casthouse technology, billet quality, billet casting, homogenization, use of primary aluminum and scrap, and high speed alloys

ROLLING TECHNOLOGY — Innovative equipment and new applications of aluminum coil and sheet in the industry

ARCHITECTURE & SPECIAL USES — Building systems, curtain walls, design and construction, CAD/CAM, exterior and interior finishing, renewal and maintenance, windows and doors, and new applications

TRANSPORT & AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY — Product and process innovations, aeronautics, nautical, automotive, rail sectors, patents, computer technologies, mechanical processing, alloys, design and innovation


  • PROCESS SUSTAINABILITY – Eco-equipment, eco-plants, sustainable production, and energy savings
  • PROCESS MANAGEMENT – Economical-driven decisions, process control, process savings, the “Small Lots” problem, and architectural and non-architectural systems
  • PROCESS MONITORING – Sensors effectiveness, new devices, data management systems, and data warehouse
  • PLANT & PROCESS – Furnaces, presses, handling equipment, ovens and heating systems, saws and shears, downstream equipment, automation, hard and big profiles, packaging, lubricants, cooling devices, and nitrogen cooling
  • PROCESS SIMULATION – Models, validation, optimization, material flow, friction, and stress state prediction
  • PRODUCT QUALITY – Defects, distortions, seam/charge welds, maximum production rates, microstructure, metallurgy for high-speed extrusion, and metallurgy for paint adhesion
  • ALLOYS – Hard/new light alloys, magnesium alloys, lithium alloys, and composite alloys
  • DIES – Die design and manufacturing, die correction, die cleaning and polishing, high production rates, oriented design, die life, coatings, correction strategies, and die cooling systems
  • NEW PROCESSES – Conform, thixoextrusion, rollforming extrusion, hot profile bending, chip extrusion, composite extrusion

ANODIZING — Racking and jigging, pretreatment, mechanical and chemical etching, high-speed anodizing, anodizing and coloring of special alloys from casting and die casting, hard anodizing, rectifiers, new dipping and electrocoloring colors, patterned effects, advances in sealing, nickel free cold sealing, vertical plants, and automatic racking

COATING — Powder and wet processes, pretreatments, chrome-free products, high-performance polyesters, powder coil coating, small lots handling, vertical and horizontal plants, compact plants, filiform and point defects, adhesion problems, new powder application methods, wood effects, paints, coating materials, raw materials for paints, and paint production systems for powder coating

NANO TECHNOLOGIES — applied to aluminum

AUTOMATION — The “Intelligent Plant,” automatic Extrusion, anodizing with automatic racking, fully automatic coating plants, automation in profile packing, automatic warehouse, and internet for aluminium technologies

MEASURING, TESTING & QUALITY TECHNIQUES — Certification, computerized technologies, measurement and control techniques, measurement instruments, quality management and control, testing, and materials analysis

ADVANCED APPLICATIONS & RESEARCH — Materials handling, automation systems, new patents, new applications, and aluminum and sportive equipment

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION & RECYCLING — Accident prevention, anti-pollution machinery, innovative plants, environmental technology, recovery and materials recycling, safety equipment, technology and processes, effluent and fumes treatment, water saving, zero discharge, ecological systems and equipment, sludge reduction, and sulphate reduction in the effluents

CASTING & DIE CASTING — Casting processes, solidification, simulation, rapid casting, innovative processes, new materials and alloys, defects, microstructure and properties, heat treatments, and mold design, in addition to the following:

  • PROCESS MANAGEMENT – The Challenge For Competitiveness (introduction of innovative technologies on the shop floor), management strategies, process development, and quality assessment
  • PROCESS QUALITY – Charge materials, pre-furnace treatment, melting, fluxing, grain refinement, filling and feeding systems, grain refinement, and cast microstructures and defects
  • PROCESS MONITORING – Sensors from raw material to the final casting, analysis devices, data management, and the role of ERPs within process monitoring
  • PROCESS INNOVATION – Novel Technologies or Technology Enhancement: Innovation in Casting Practice
  • PROCESS SIMULATION – Prediction models, validation, optimization, codesign/cross linking between process, and structural simulation
  • NEW ALLOYS – The role of new alloying elements on product performances and their compatibility with casting process
Treviso - Luigi Cavasin
Terviso, Italy. (Photo by: Luigi Cavasin.)

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