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Automakers to Highlight Lightweighting Strategies at GALM Detroit


The 6th Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Summit (GALM Detroit 2017) is the world’s leading automotive lightweight materials conference, focused on the North American automotive industry which is undergoing considerable changes at present. The review of CAFE standards, autonomous vehicle technologies development, push on powertain lightweighting, and considerable uptake in electric vehicles are among the key factors that play an important role in the way the automotive industry will approach its lightweighting strategies going forward. The aluminum, magnesium, additive manufacturing, 3rd generation steels, increasing use of plastics and composites and new developments in multi-material joining methods offer a lot of potential for OEMs that are able to adopt them early and cost effectively.

GALM will be held on August 22-24, 2017, in Detroit, MI, featuring OEM case studies, materials focused presentations, interactive panel discussions and cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

The Program

The new program for GALM 2017 is available online to download. The three day event will focus on the following themes:

  • Day One – Regulations, Sustainability Trends & Material Developments
  • Day Two – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies & Multi-Material Joining
  • Day Three – Carbon Fiber, Plastics, Advanced Composites And New Materials

Leading OEMs, such as Ford, Tata Motors, Hyundai, Volvo, GM, FCA, and others will be providing design solutions, material strategies, and lightweighting insights at the event. Key speakers will include:

  • Dr. Sue Hartfield-Wünsch, Technical Fellow, Body Manufacturing Engineering, General Motors
  • Steven Sherman, Fuel Economy Development Engineer, Hyundai – Kia
  • David Irvin, Group Chief Engineer – Body, Trim & Lighting Engineering, Tata Motors
  • John Uicker, Engineer, Ford
  • Saeil Jeon, Technical Lead in Materials, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
  • Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, General Motors
  • David Wagner, Technical Leader Lightweight Vehicle Design, Ford
  • Xiaoming Chen, Vehicle Design & Infotronics Department, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company
  • Dr. Khaled W. Shahwan, Fellow AIAA, Innovation & Advanced Development Engineering, Chrysler Technology Center, FCA US
  • Stephen Currie, Lead Engineer, Body & Closures, Tata Motors European Tech. Centre
  • Dr Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, Polymer Composites, General Motors Global Research and Development
  • Malcolm David Joynson, Chief Engineer Body Structures, Platform and Closures, Tata Motors European Technical Centre


Preview of Presentations

GALM 2017 will feature a number of presentations of interest to the light metals industry, as well as of competing materials technologies. Some of the relevant presentations for aluminum and magnesium manufacturers are noted below.

Keynote Presentation: CAFE Standards and GHG Status Report – Understand How The Automotive Regulations Drive Lightweighting And Sustainability Strategies, Future Changes To The Standards And What Impact They Can Make On The Industry – presented by Steven Sherman, Fuel Economy Development Engineer, Hyundai – Kia Technical Center

Innovative OEM Lightweighting Strategies – Presenting An Integrated Approach to Indian Domestic Passenger Vehicle Lightweighting – presented by David Irvin, Group Chief Engineer – Body, Trim & Lighting Engineering, Tata Motors European Technical Centre

Aluminum Grade Standardization – Understand & Overcome Manufacturing Challenges For Aluminum Sheet In The Automotive Industry – presented by Dr. Sue Hartfield-Wünsch, Technical Fellow, Body Manufacturing Engineering, General Motors

Aluminum Extrusions Performance – Case Study: Specifying & Achieving Extrusion Performance – presented by Mark Butterfield, Chair, AEC Automotive Team, Vice President, Engineering – Manufacturing, Magnode Corporation

Aluminum – Understand How Innovations In Aluminum Drive Lightweighting Opportunities In Automotive – presented by Brad Peterson, Sales & Marketing Director, Novelis North America

Aluminum Impact Extrusions – Thinking Outside The Box For Lightweight Designs: Application Of Aluminium Impact Extrusion – presented by Lee Heiniger, Sales Manager, Neuman Aluminium

Joining Aluminum to UHSS – Examine Advanced Dissimilar Material Joining Technology – presented by Laurence Claus, Technical Consultant, EJOT Fastening Systems LP

Drawn-Arc Stud Welding for Aluminum Vehicle – Latest Innovations in Drawn-Arc Stud Welding for Aluminum Vehicle Electrical Grounding – presented by Dr. Sivakumar Ramasamy, Vice President, Breakthrough Innovation, Stanley Engineered Fastening

Case Study: Magnesium Front Subframe – Design And Testing Of A Cast Magnesium Front Subframe – presented by John Uicker, Engineer, Ford

Registration is now open for GALM 2017 — the largest automotive lightweighting conference in North America, where delegates will get first hand insight into the latest changes in regulations, material trends, and high volume technologies to perfect their lightweighting strategy.

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