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Aluminium Surface Science and Technology Symposium to be Held in Denmark

Aluminium Surface Science and Technology SymposiumThe 8th Aluminium Surface Science and Technology (ASST) Symposium will be held on May 27-31 in Helsingør, Denmark. This is a unique and key event on aluminum science and technology bringing together industries, universities, and research institutions involved with aluminum, which has become a common platform and net-work for aluminum surface science and technology in Europe.

Symposium Topics

The scope of the ASST encompasses all aspects of aluminum surface science including state-of-the art surface modification methods and technological advances, characterization methods, performance evaluation, and industrial process development. Focussed industrial sectors are aerospace, automotive, heat exchangers, architecture, electronics, lithography, packaging, nanotechnology, and others. In addition, green technology solutions using aluminum will be part of the symposium.

Specific fields of interest for ASST 2018 include, but are not limited to:

  • Rolling and extrusion processes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Joining methods
  • Chemical conversion coatings
  • Electrolytic conversion coatings
  • Plasma electrolytic oxidation
  • Lithography techniques and etching
  • Material deformation effects
  • Modeling of aluminum microstructure and corrosion
  • Adhesion and organic interactions
  • Corrosion and protection properties and performance
  • Multi-material design and performance
  • Architectural design and performance

A number of notable speakers have been invited to present at symposium, including:

  • Keynote: Dr. Xiao-jun Jiang, Hydro Aluminium — Aluminium Solutions for the Automotive and HVAC&R Heat Exchanger Applications
  • Keynote: Dr. John de Kok, Fokker Aerostructures B.V. — Advances of Cr(VI)-free anodizing development for structural adhesive bonding of aluminium for aircraft structures
  • Keynote: Prof. Mikhail Zheludkevich, Institute of Materials Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht — LDH-based surface treatments for active corrosion protection of Al alloys
  • Prof. Geoff Scamans, Brunel University — Aluminium Automotive Sheet: Who Cleans Wins
  • Prof. Hiroki Habazaki, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University — Design of Aluminium Surface for Liquid Repellency
  • Dr. Tony Hughes, CSIRO — Drilling Down into Corrosion Initiation at the Nanoscale
  • Prof. Kemal Nisanciogu, NTNU — Nanofilm Grain-Boundary Segregations in Intercrystalline Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the website:

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