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April 2023


Kaleb Walker, assistant superintendent at Service Center Metals, oversees the melt at the company’s new remelt and casting plant in Prince George, VA. The company is also working to install a new extrusion press line at the same site. See article beginning on page 6.


SCM Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Casthouse and Extrusion Line
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6

New Extrusion Applications in Commercial Vehicles
By Andrew Halonen
Page 14

Aluminum Supply Chain for the Automotive Extrusion Market: Responding to Consumer Demand
By Mark Butterfield
Page 20

Aluminum Extrusion EPDs and the Push for Decarbonization
By Lynn Brown
Page 24

Extrusion Industry News & Technology

Upgrading Extrusion Press Hydraulics and Controls to the Connected Future
By Michael R. Kramer
Page 30

Custom Aluminum Completes Press Line Modernization Project
Page 32

An Assessment of Ultra-Low NOx Combustion Technology for the Aluminum Industry
By Alexis Omilion
Page 34

Understanding the Fundamental Mechanism of Nucleation in High Efficiency Grain Refiners
By John Courtenay and Yun Wang
Page 40

Properly Training Supervisors to Ensure Plant Safety
By Alex Lowery
Page 46

Aluminum Extruders Invest in Progress
Page 48

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