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April 2021


Aluminum profiles coated using the sublimation process at Benkam Alu Extrusions in Uzbekistan. The company is currently launching a massive multi-year expansion project, which will increase its extrusion, surface finishing, and fabrication capacities. See article on page 6.


Benkam Launches Multi-Year Expansion to Increase Extrusion Capacity
Page 6

Aluminum Cross Members for Weight Reduction in Commercial and Light Duty Vehicles
By Andrew Halonen
Page 10

Bridge in a Box: New Aluminum Bridge Designed for Rapid Emergency Response
By Alexandre de la Chevrotière, et al.
Page 14

Accelerating Aluminum Extrusion Demand: Interview with Paul Warton
Page 18

Casthouse Management and Operations – Part II: An Introduction to Vertical DC Casthouse Operating Costs
By Jake Biancur and Kedar Tilak
Page 20

AEC Positioned to Address Extruders’ Needs in a Dynamic Market: Interview with Jeff Henderson
Page 26

Extrusion Industry News & Technology

Extrusion Suppliers Collaborate to Serve the North American Market
Page 28

Southeastern Extrusion Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Page 30

Interlocking Extrusions Enable Radio Concealment Pole for Smart Cities
Page 32

Determining the Effect of Preheating Bolsters on Die Performance
By Tommaso Pinter
Page 34

Introduction to Anodizing Aluminum: Why and How to Enhance Final Product
By Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 36

Continuing to Navigate the Pandemic
By Alex Lowery
Page 38

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